Benefits of Shame?

Originally Posted February 28 2016

Shame is an interesting topic now a days. It has become the new enemy which we must irradiate from this world. We need to stop shaming people! We shouldn’t feel shame about the things we do or are!

But the more I think of it, the more I find that shame (much like fear) is not as evil as we make it out to be.

We feel shame when we feel like something we did was wrong. It’s called a conscience and it is actually a good thing to have. Now while I say shame is not evil, how we approach it, I believe is wrong.

Shame is not meant to limit us… to lock us away in a room feeling like we can’t do anything. No, actually it’s meant to do the opposite. If you feel ashamed of something you did or are doing, don’t cry in a corner, use it as motivation to live better! To still realize something might be wrong is a good thing to do! If you are able to do whatever you want and feel no twinge of regret or shame then be scared. It is possible to do and is a very VERY scary place to be!

Now that being said, there are things we feel shame for that we shouldn’t. Don’t be ashamed of standing up for what you believe in, or standing up against injustice, or not being a walking floor mat. Shame is not meant as a way to hold us back but as a reminder that we need to slow down and analyze. That we need to ask ourselves, “Is this really worth the risk you’re taking on, and the dangers you may create?” and… sometimes it is… other times it isn’t. To stand up for someone everyone else makes fun of is a noble purpose… to write a letter to the head office of Tim Hortons to get the guy who skimped half a container of cream on your double double fired is… not so much.

You are not a slave to your emotions, but we have fears and regrets for a reason. Don’t feel like you have to destroy your emotions lest you be a slave to them. You were created with them, you are meant to work with them!


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