Being “Led” by Others

Originally Posted March 13 2016

I find it ironic when people say they hate religion because they don’t want to be blindly led by people. Technically the times the church suffered most was when people decided they wanted to told what to believe instead of following after God.

You are meant to follow God, not man be they leaders or whatnot. Value the wisdom of those around you and those put in authority, but realize YOU are responsible for chasing after God’s will.

God does not run an organization where he communicates to His supervisors who communicate to us. Jesus died on the cross, the veil is torn. That barrier has been destroyed for over 2000 years! God wants a relationship with YOU!

If following God is about having a person telling you everything you should do and believe then stop! Like seriously! Because if that person was close enough to God to be advising you, they should be telling you to pray, not that they’ll be praying for the answer to tell you


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