Armor Not Weapon

Originally Posted October 6 2016

A mistake I see a lot of Christians making these days is treating their faith like an ultimate weapon that must be constantly and laboriously trained in and maintained so that they can turn to it if trouble should come their way. This is a mistake that I find stems from two main lies.

Lie 1: That trouble will ‘come’ your way.

This is a misconception that I see many people making, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Life doesn’t ‘have’ trouble. Life ‘is’ trouble!


Stop acting like we are a bunch of people huddled together in a shelter waiting to endure the next attack that could come at any point! YOU ARE IN A WAR!

This is NOT a safe shelter we’re in. We’re currently survivors of a bombing. All around us are people who are confused, terrified, emotional, furious. Chaos and anarchy reigns supreme!


We have people who are clinging to whatever they can for hope. People who deny the existence of trouble at all. People who are doping on whatever pleasure they can find to distract them even for a second from the hopelessness and patheticness of life!

We can join the others and say there is no problem. Or we can join the others and say it’s not MY problem. But here’s the thing. It is the problem of whoever has the guts enough to look outside their own problems for a second and turn to help those around them!

If we continue trying to ignore the problem, or continue trying to only protect ourselves and our illusions of peace and contentment, then all we plan to do is wait until we all die one by one, blocking out the screams of those around us.

Protect yourself, and you stand alone, Protect those around you, and you have an army.

Which leads us to lie 2: ‘God is my ultimate weapon I can whip out when I can’t fight anymore!’

This belief is not only wrong, but not healthy. God does not have some “Break Glass in times of emergency” sign over Him! And He’s not some ultimate weapon you labour and train your life away in so you can effectively whip Him out when you need Him.

He is armour! Armour you wear 24/7 and become more effective in using the further in life that you go!

To believe that He is simply someone to turn to in trouble too great for us to handle kills you 2 ways.

First off…. you’re stuck believing you have to handle this life by yourself. Which you were never meant to do!

Wanna know why you feel inferior? Why you feel like life is too big a thing to handle? Why you wonder why simply surviving in this messed up and broken world seems so impossible to you?


You were never meant to carry the weight of this world on your shoulders alone. You were never meant to exist without help. If you feel like you cant take on and manage life by yourself it’s because you were never designed to in the first place!

Find comfort in this! It is okay to feel overwhelmed. It is okay to feel like you can’t do this. SO STOP TRYING!

In your job. In your home. In your spare time. You have the God of the universe who created all things willing to be there for you as you follow Him. SO FOLLOW HIM AND TURN TO HIM!

Second off, by living, believing God is only turned to in trouble… doing the simple things becomes such a chore.

“What’s the point of praying right now? I have nothing really to pray about!”

“Do I have to read my Bible? I already know most of these stories.”

Let me give you some perspective…

Do you know everything about the universe and have the wisdom to answer every choice in life? No? THEN PRAY! Seriously! You have access to the most amazing teacher who knows things you couldn’t even think possible and promises wisdom to whoever asks Him for it. THINK ABOUT THIS OPPORTUNITY FOR A SECOND! Though I will warn you… wisdom is kind of like pandora’s box. Once it’s learned, the world will never be the same again

Secondly, you have access to 4-5000 years worth of history that is confirmed by countless other articles and artifacts to be ridiculously accurate, that contains countless stories of people who have been through the same things that you’re going through at your finger tips!

In spite of what they taught you in school; society may change, but humanity never has. Once you realize that… and that the people in the Bible really are the same as you and me…. it makes a lot more sense… because most of these people are almost identical to people you’ve already met. Yeesh I can already tell you which kinds of people I’d most likely hang out with and who would most likely drive me nuts!

But realize what you have. This is not an emergency kit. It’s access to the most amazing thing in all the universe and beyond. It’s the power to get through your life and to help the lives of those around you. It’s the power to take your shortcomings and not only surpass them, but show you how you were designed the way you were not as a flaw, but as a beautiful one of a kind design made for a purpose.

So here we are. You lie on the battlefield wounded and scarred. People around you scream and cry, laugh and go insane. People turn to dark things out of desperation, or simply fight for all their lives to block the pain all out by creating the illusion of a safe world to hide in.

Before you lies your faith. Armour so great that it can overcome trials you never even thought possible. It gives you the opportunity to move forward through these wastes. To reach out to those around you. To protect. To build. The light of hope which shines brightest in these dark times.

So my question is simple: Will you put it on?


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