Act Don’t REact

Originally Posted June 9 2016

When I was learning to drive my father told me that in an emergency I should act, not react. If you act when something startles you, you can usually avoid it, but if you react to it, you will just end up in a ditch. This advice, I have found, is applicable to so much more than just driving.

We are a reactionary culture. When we see something that offends us, we take up arms against it. If it doesn’t strike our sense of vengen…justice, then we walk by without noticing. There is no analysis of what offends us. No asking why they did it, why we care, or how this lines up with other things we believe. We just rely entirely on the thrill of the moment to guide us.

In our legal system, it honestly matters very little what proof you bring forth or what tactics you use. At the end of the day, it is the one who wins the hearts of the jury (who often don’t even want to be there) that wins.

In politics, who cares what good you do or what bad. It is the one the media celebrates that gets voted in. Afterall it’s a lot of work to pay attention to politics, and even if they use a lot of negative words to describe one guy and positive words to describe another, they are unbiased right?

In social justice. Oh let me tell you a heartbreaking story about my cause. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, just so long as it gets you riled up. Oh wait…We realized that person was lying? That means their whole cause is irrelevant! It doesn’t matter if they were right or wrong… We will judge the entire validity of their cause on the actions of one 13 year old who offends us!

And even in love. I love you as long as I feel I love you. I hope this excitement never ends, but if it ever does, I’m sorry But it is over. Afterall, love is the excitement you make me feel when you do stuff for me that motivates me to do stuff for you, not the action of being there for you even when I don’t get anything out of it!

Now I’ll say it up front. I am not condemning instincts and emotions. I’m an empath (person who has extra blood flow to the observation portions of the brain making their intuition higher than most) with my intuition in the high 90s…. I have been all my life. So trust me, I appreciate the feelings of gut sense and intuition.

But here is the thing. Intuition was never meant to replace thinking. It was meant to make you aware of when you need to think harder. When you need to start observing more. When you need to ask more questions.

If you avoid using your mind because you feel uneasy, you are using your intuition wrong. Approach with caution and learn what it is you are not seeing. The mind misses a lot, intuition misses stuff too. But together they become an formidable force!


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