A Different Life Goal

Originally Posted June 9 2016

In every religion, scientific theory, and etc I can think of I have noticed a trend. They all circle around the belief of self improvement…. Of surpassing humanity… Of hitting the next stage of evolution, or achieve godhood. Ironically, the first sin in the bible was similar… Eating the fruit which promised them to be like God (even though they were already created in God’s image but I’ll save that for another time.)

This is one thing I have noticed as different within Christianity.

Now I’ll cover this first because if you are like me your mind has already gone there; YES there are churches that state the bible is about achieving sainthood and becoming perfect humans so we can get into heaven…. The only problem is that this theory tends to run perpendicular to what the bible actually says.

The bible is full of sinners. Liars, jerks, favouritism, proud people, suicidal people, murderers, idiots, immoral people, and more….. And what is even more frightening is that God accomplished huge levels of amazing miracles in spite of that. If you think God cannot use you until you are perfect, you are reading a different bible than me, because the people God uses are never perfect (let alone to say humanity in general is never perfect)

No, in Christianity we see something different… We see strength from accepting weakness. We see wisdom from accepting foolishness.We see pride from accepting humility. Because in Christianity it is not about becoming perfect humans. It’s about imperfect humans turning to a perfect God that we stupidly ran away from in the first place.

Take pride, not in your strength, but in the God who loves you in spite of your weakness!


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